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East of England Liberal Democrats

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Vote Liberal Democrat.

Stop Brexit.

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The Liberal Democrat Vision
for Britain in Europe


Welcome to the website of Southend Liberal Democrats

Campaigning for Southend and district, all year round.

Meet your Lib Dem Councillors on the second Saturday of the month at Leigh Community Centre between 9 and 10.45 am.

For any information please contact us via the e-mail address above or via our Contact Us page.

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What do Liberal Democrats believe? You can also read the Lib Dems national manifesto

Click here to read the Liberal Democrats national manifesto


Recent updates

  • Event: May 23, 2019

    If you would like to help the Liberal Democrats in their campaign for these elections, please click here to volunteer.

  • Barbara Gibson, Eastern region candidate, Welwyn Hatfield PPC
    Article: May 15, 2019

    Our lead candidate in the East of England Region (which includes Essex) Cllr Dr Barbara Gibson gave the following speech at the Euro Election Harpenden Hustings event on 14th May.

    "Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union.

    We passionately believe that Britain is stronger as part of the European Union and we have led the fight to give the people the final say on Brexit.

  • Article: May 10, 2019
    By Greg Foster

    We launched our manifesto yesterday on Europe Day. It's made a splash - read more now:

    WARNING: there are naughty words ahead. Stray political editors from the Daily Express may find their sensibilities offended!

    We launched our EU manifesto yesterday: Bollocks to Brexit. It's as bold as the name suggests - committing us to:

    ✔︎ A People's Vote
    ✔︎ Defending our fishing rights from being traded away
    ✔︎ A carbon-neutral EU by 2050

    And much, much more. You can read the full manifesto here: The Bollocks to Brexit Manifesto

    A greener, safer Britain requires us to stop Brexit.

    Ed Davey MP

    The launch event in London was great fun - with popcorn, fab speeches and, most importantly:

    George Osborn @GeorgeOsborn

    Many thanks to @SalBrinton for teaching us all to say Bollocks to Brexit using sign language.

    Let's just say it involves two large cupping motions.

    This is not the time to turn on our closest allies in Europe

    Jo Swinson MP

    Jo Swinson implored: at a time when the tide of populism is great, with Trump in the West and Putin in the East, this is not the time to turn on our closest allies in Europe. She reminded us that we backed a People's Vote long before it was fashionable - and how good it is that people are joining our campaign, from all parties and none.

    Last up was Vince. On his 76th birthday (Europe Day no less!) he was unapologetic about the rights we enjoy as EU citizens. Not just our right to work and study abroad, but the rights of those from European countries to come here. We welcome them and value their contributions.

    Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit

    Vince Cable MP

    He also stressed - it's not about fighting other remain parties. Since the beginning of the year, poll after poll has been telling us that the UK is now a Remain country. We want to stop Brexit and get on with addressing the big issues that face our country. Which is why it's a travesty that Nigel Farage is topping the polls in a national election. A man that has sown division, violence and racial abuse in our country.

    But Nigel Farage, Theresa May and Boris Johnson will all take votes for the Brexit party, the Conservatives or Labour as a vote to crash out the EU. There's only one way to send a strong "stop Brexit" message - and that's to vote Liberal Democrat.

    Our message is clear - every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit. We're the biggest, strongest Remain party and have been since we were the first to call for a People's Vote in June 2016.

    We want to remain in the EU because it's best for our economy, our public services and our environment. There's no Brexit deal better than our membership of the European Union. Especially not the hard Brexit being pushed by Theresa May and aided by Jeremy Corbyn.

    And, frankly, they didn't have videos like this (thanks BBC This Week!):

    Our amazing local election results showed that we can win all across the United Kingdom. And now, that momentum's transferring. More and more people are saying they'll vote Lib Dem on the 23rd May to stop Brexit. Say you're with us - pledge your vote today:
  • Article: May 9, 2019

    Rejected, minority Tory group were kept in power today by maverick. Sounds like Westminster!

  • Article: May 7, 2019
    By Carole Mulroney

    Well, Thursday 2 May came and went in a whirlwind of activity for Southend's Liberal Democrats and, like the rest of the country, Southend showed the way that whirlwind was blowing.

    Out with the old and in with the new. In with 703 new Lib Dem councillors countrywide (at the last count) with Southend proudly providing the 3.

  • Article: May 7, 2019
    By Tom Brake MP

    Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are trying to claim that our amazing local election results are a mandate to push Brexit through faster. They couldn't be more wrong.

    The Liberal Democrats made 703 gains in last week's local elections - our best results ever. Given our nearly 3 years of campaigning for a People's Vote, if you were Labour or the Tories, what Brexit lesson would you take from that?

    I'm going to guess it wouldn't be "push Brexit through faster". And yet, losing nearly 1500 seats between them, that's exactly what they're trying to do. What?

    Theresa May has spent the last 3 years trying to deliver a disastrous hard Brexit. The only people who want that are Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    And Jeremy Corbyn has aided her every step of the way. He's failing the many Labour supporters who want to see Brexit stopped. Now, he and Theresa May are trying to stitch up a Brexit deal that'll leave Britain poorer.

    Embedded video
    Truly remarkable. The constant Gardiner to the Tories: "We are in there trying to bail you guys out."
    The Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit. We've led the opposition to it both in and out of Parliament. We were the first to call for you to have the final say on Brexit nearly 3 years ago and we haven't given up. The fact that we're still in the EU today is a testament to how hard we've fought. We are the party of Remain.

    We can win a People's Vote. The momentum is with us, but we need to keep it building. That means securing a great result at the EU elections later this month. Vote to remain in the EU and protect our economy and environment - say you'll vote Lib Dem on the 23rd May:

  • Article: May 4, 2019
    By Emma Cherniavsky

    An incredible number of people came together to back the Liberal Democrats in the local elections - and look at the results!

    Winchester Liberal Democrats

    Winchester Liberal Democrats celebrate taking control of the Council

    The final tally has us in control of TWELVE councils and gaining more than 700 councillors across the whole country.

    We went into the local elections with a clear message - a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to STOP BREXIT. And the people have heard us:
    Yesterday's news headlines
    People all across the country voted for us because they believed in our message. They know that we are the only party that will stop Brexit and defend our place in Europe.

    Now we're ready to do the same in European elections.

    We are the largest Remain party in the country and we're ready to show the world that Britain is united, tolerant and Liberal.

    Let us know right now that you are giving your vote to the Liberal Democrats in the European elections:

    I'm voting Liberal Democrat ➜

    With your vote, we can get out of this mess before it's too late. With your vote, we can stop Brexit.

  • Article: May 4, 2019
    By Greg Foster

    Remainer and want to use your vote to stop Brexit? Find out more here:

    How do I stop Brexit?

    So you're a remainer - and you want to use your vote in the European elections send a message - that you want to stop Brexit.

    How do you do that?

    Well, there's only one remain party with the strength to beat the Brexit parties, elect a huge group of remain MPs and send a message that can't be ignored.

    If you want to stop Brexit, vote Liberal Democrat.

    Here's why:

    1.We're winning.

    At the local elections, we made more than 700 gains - our best ever result.

    We took 19% of the vote nationally - a vote that if repeated at the European elections - would put us in 2nd place, behind the Brexit party.

    What's more, we won seats in every single part of the country - from Devon to Sunderland.

    No other remain party can match that.

    2. We're the biggest remain party.

    With almost 10,000 elected officials, 100,000 members and supporters, 300,000 campaign supporters, we are the biggest remain party, by a country mile.

    All that size means we have literally hundreds of thousands more people that we can mobilise to help get our message out.

    3. We've been fighting Brexit since day 1.

    The day after the referendum, we promised to stand up and fight back against Brexit.

    Every day since then, we've fought it every step of the way.

    We were the first to call for a people's vote, we've defeated the government two-dozen times on Brexit and tens of thousands of us have marched, leafleted, canvassed, donated and spoken out against Brexit.

    No other party has been as committed, reliable and tenacious in the fight to stop Brexit.

    4. Our candidates are superb.

    From all walks to life, all backgrounds we have put together a slate of exceptional candidates- and unlike the other parties, they're chosen by our members in a free vote. No secret backroom stitch ups for us.

    If you vote Liberal Democrat, you'll also be voting for an incredibly capable group of MEPs.

    5. We're unashamedly remain.

    No quibbling, no qualms, no backing down. We've always been the most pro-EU party. We threw the kitchen sink and all the cupboards at the referendum.

    We are the only party that is united and focused 100% on stopping Brexit.

    Simply put, if you want to stop Brexit, we're the way to do it.

    On Thursday 23rd May, use your vote to send the Brexit parties a message.

    Tell them to stop Brexit; vote Liberal Democrat:

Join the Lib Dems