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Recent updates

  • Article: Oct 27, 2019
    By Jo Swinson, MP Leader of the Liberal Democrats in
    A General Election is the only way to overcome the final two barriers to stopping Brexit. That's why we think there should be one on the 9th December.
    Jo Swinson speaks at Lib Dem conference.

    After the chaos of the last two weeks, I am more determined than ever that we stop Brexit.

    That's why, over the last few days, our team in Westminster have been working on a plan to ensure we can do that. I'm delighted to be able to share it with you today.

    There are currently two barriers to stopping Brexit.

    The first is Boris Johnson who has proven time and time again that he can't be trusted.

    The second is Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.

    His party has time and time again backed Brexit. Just this week he failed to back a referendum in Parliament and allowed 19 Labour MPs to vote for the deal.

    To stop Brexit, we need to get Boris out of office.

    To stop Brexit, we need to increase the number of anti-Brexit MPs in Parliament.

    It's clear that a General Election is the only way we can achieve both of those things.

    That is why we are going to introduce a Bill to amend the Fixed Term Parliament Act and hold a General Election on Monday, December 9th.

    Our Bill will only come into force if the EU offers an extension to at least 31st January 2020. The timetable also means that Boris Johnson cannot try to force his deal through Parliament again.

    The longer the gridlock goes on in Parliament, the harder it becomes for us to stop Brexit.

    We can see the growing frustrations in the EU at the gridlock. We can see that because of Labour MPs backing Boris Johnson's Bill and Conservative rebels not backing a People's Vote, the route to getting a People's Vote this Parliament is difficult.

    But there are millions of people in the country who believe that we are better off inside the EU.

    Millions who know they deserve a better choice than Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

    We are ready to take our pro-European message to the country and have a General Election.

    In that election, our offer will be that a Liberal Democrat majority government will revoke Article 50 to Stop Brexit.

    And that, is how we'll stop Brexit.

    If we are successful, polling day will be in 44 days.

    We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us and together, I know we can pull off a result that will change our country for the better.

  • Nina outside Downing Street on 19oct2019 ()
    Article: Oct 20, 2019

    Nina Stimson, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Southend West, Joined the million people marching for a People's Vote on 19 October 2019.



  • Article: Oct 17, 2019

    Commenting on reports that a deal has been agreed between the EU and the UK government, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson, said: "The fight to stop Brexit is far from over. Boris Johnson's deal would be bad for our economy, bad for our public services, and bad for our environment.

    "The next few days will set the direction of our country for generations, and I am more determined than ever to stop Brexit. When this deal comes to Parliament we will use every possible opportunity to give the public a People's Vote on the Brexit deal that includes the option to remain in the European Union."

  • Nina Stimson ()
    Article: Oct 16, 2019

    The Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Queen's speech to put any deal that comes back from Brussels to a People's Vote.

    If selected, this amendment would be voted on early next week, likely on Monday.

    "The Liberal Democrats are the strongest party of Remain and have been the leading voice in the People's Vote campaign" said Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson. "Boris Johnson is determined to have a general election, but the best way to resolve the Brexit chaos is to have a People's Vote and give the British people the final say about their future. The best deal we have is as members of the European Union and we want to give the people the chance to choose to stop Brexit."

  • Article: Oct 14, 2019

    Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson has today slammed this Queen's speech as nothing more that a "charade." Jo Swinson said:

    "This Queen's speech is a charade.

    "'Boris Johnson is pursuing a Brexit deal that will be hugely damaging for our economy, our NHS and our security.

    "There is nothing in this Queen's speech that will bring comfort to the factory worker set to lose their job, or the families struggling to put food on the table because of his Brexit policy.

    "The Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit, and keep the best deal we have as members of the European Union."

  • Article: Oct 14, 2019

    Responding to the reports that the Government are set to announce it will be compulsory for voters to show identification at the next election, Liberal Democrat shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, Tom Brake said:

    "The move by the Government to make voter ID compulsory is a thinly-veiled attempt to rig the results of future elections. We know from the pilot back in 2018 that voter fraud was inconsequential, whilst what the pilot did do was turn away a disproportionate number of vulnerable voters.

    "Boris Johnson is clearly taking a leaf out of Trump's playbook by using false claims about voter fraud to suppress turnout.

    "The trial was deemed a waste of time and the public's money, and this roll-out will be no different. The Conservative Government have already showed disdain for our democracy and this move is simply further confirmation of that.

    "Rather than electioneering by making it harder to vote, the Conservative Government should be focusing on ways to encourage democratic participation, such as through extending voting rights to 16 year olds."

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019

    More trees to combat climate change - Essex backs Lib Dem call

    October 9, 2019 9:39 PM

    Grange treesEssex County Council today agreed to follow the lead already announced by Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council, and plant large numbers of trees to combat climate change.

    At a meeting of the full county council on Tuesday 8th October, there was near unanimous support for a motion proposed by the Lib Dems calling on local government to lead on moving Britain to be zero carbon. Unfortunately, though, the Conservative majority removed from the motion a specific commitment to use County Council owned land for trees.

    Moving the motion, Cllr Jude Deakin (Chelmsford West) said, "It is vital that local councils lead the way on real action to combat climate change. Planting trees is a vital way to absorb CO2. Lib Dem-led Chelmsford Council has declared a climate and ecology emergency and pledged to plant one tree for every resident over the next ten years. The Essex County Council commitment is currently less than one quarter of that; I hope they will catch up with Chelmsford."

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019
    By Evening Standard

    The YouGov analysis for the Evening Standard of 300 surveys shows "concrete" evidence that the country shifted against quitting the European bloc in the year after the June 2016 referendum and has steadfastly stuck to this position ever since.

    One of the most striking findings is that 204 out of 226 polls since July 2017 have shown Remain ahead, with just seven for Leave, and 15 ties.

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019
    By Carole Mulroney, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, Liberal Democrat Group Leader & Councillor for Leigh Ward

    The Declaration of a Climate Change Emergency is the first step in embedding the Council's green policy agenda going forward across all services.

    It sets clear targets which we are confident the Council itself can reach by 2024/25, a full quarter of a century ahead of the Government's targets, and for the rest of the Borough by 2030.

  • Article: Oct 7, 2019
    By Jo Swinson in

    descriptionHeidi is one of 50,000 people who have joined our party as members this year - along with more than 21,000 registered supporters.

    Heidi is the seventh MP to join the party in 2019 and will be standing in South Cambridgeshire as the Liberal Democrat candidate at the next election.

    In joining the Liberal Democrats, she has called on others to reject the status quo, and unite behind the party's campaign to Stop Brexit.

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