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Recent updates

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019

    More trees to combat climate change - Essex backs Lib Dem call

    October 9, 2019 9:39 PM

    Grange treesEssex County Council today agreed to follow the lead already announced by Lib Dem-led Chelmsford City Council, and plant large numbers of trees to combat climate change.

    At a meeting of the full county council on Tuesday 8th October, there was near unanimous support for a motion proposed by the Lib Dems calling on local government to lead on moving Britain to be zero carbon. Unfortunately, though, the Conservative majority removed from the motion a specific commitment to use County Council owned land for trees.

    Moving the motion, Cllr Jude Deakin (Chelmsford West) said, "It is vital that local councils lead the way on real action to combat climate change. Planting trees is a vital way to absorb CO2. Lib Dem-led Chelmsford Council has declared a climate and ecology emergency and pledged to plant one tree for every resident over the next ten years. The Essex County Council commitment is currently less than one quarter of that; I hope they will catch up with Chelmsford."

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019
    By Evening Standard

    The YouGov analysis for the Evening Standard of 300 surveys shows "concrete" evidence that the country shifted against quitting the European bloc in the year after the June 2016 referendum and has steadfastly stuck to this position ever since.

    One of the most striking findings is that 204 out of 226 polls since July 2017 have shown Remain ahead, with just seven for Leave, and 15 ties.

  • Article: Oct 9, 2019
    By Carole Mulroney, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, Liberal Democrat Group Leader & Councillor for Leigh Ward

    The Declaration of a Climate Change Emergency is the first step in embedding the Council's green policy agenda going forward across all services.

    It sets clear targets which we are confident the Council itself can reach by 2024/25, a full quarter of a century ahead of the Government's targets, and for the rest of the Borough by 2030.

  • Article: Oct 7, 2019
    By Jo Swinson in

    descriptionHeidi is one of 50,000 people who have joined our party as members this year - along with more than 21,000 registered supporters.

    Heidi is the seventh MP to join the party in 2019 and will be standing in South Cambridgeshire as the Liberal Democrat candidate at the next election.

    In joining the Liberal Democrats, she has called on others to reject the status quo, and unite behind the party's campaign to Stop Brexit.

  • Kurilecz x 2 with Nina ()
    Article: Oct 6, 2019

    Mother and daughter Charlotte and Katie Kurilecz from Westcliff-on-Sea are so fed up with Boris Johnson's determination to achieve a No Deal Brexit "do or die", that they have torn up their Conservative Party membership cards and joined the Liberal Democrats.

    Charlotte explained: "I've left the Conservatives because they have moved away from the centre ground. They have tried to stop debate and get rid of dissenting voices. They are pursuing a reckless No Deal Brexit with no care for the dire consequences."

  • Article: Oct 6, 2019
    In The Times

    Stephen Dorrell was Health Secretary in John Major's government and as recently as 2014 was Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee.

    In an article for The Times he has announced that he has joined the Liberal Democrats.

    However, we belittle the distinct political traditions of Liberal Democrats, social democrats and liberal Conservatives if we pretend that voices in the "centre" are all the same. The argument for realignment is different. Democratic politics requires its practitioners to build coalitions of people whose views are not identical, but who share political objectives and a commitment to see them translated into reality.

    Brexit is the immediate illustration of the issue. Liberal Democrats, liberal Conservatives and social democrats share a strong belief that the UK's interests are best served by remaining a member of the EU and building in Europe the world's most effective champion of liberal values. These values, enshrined in the EU treaties, are not, as Vladimir Putin says, "obsolete"; they are the essential ingredients of the success of western civilisation, and liberals should organise to defend them wherever and whenever they are threatened.

    Looking beyond the Brexit crisis, it is also obvious that our democracy is in dire need of reform. Parliament has lost the ability to speak for voters because it doesn't represent the balance of their views. Britain needs a more proportional voting system to ensure the views expressed in parliament reflect the country.

    All this requires liberal Conservatives and social democrats to break cover from their respective parties and join the Liberal Democrats in a big liberal tent. It isn't just a question of "joining the Liberal Democrats"; by joining, their objective is to expand the Liberal Democrats to include fellow liberals from different backgrounds, all of whom are committed to delivering the reform of our politics that is so urgently needed.

  • Southend Focus 2019 ()
    Article: Oct 4, 2019

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  • Article: Oct 3, 2019

    Image result for tom brakeResponding to the publication of the Prime Minister's alternative proposals, Liberal Democrat shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake said

    "These proposals just confirm what we already know, Boris Johnson has no viable alternative to the backstop.

    "The UK will go from having no border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as a member of the EU, to Boris Johnson's proposal which creates two borders.

    "It is ludicrous to think that somehow Boris Johnson believes the answer to ensuring no Irish border is to create two. Not to mention it goes against the Conservative Government's own promises that there would be no return of any border infrastructure.

    "The Liberal Democrats will continue the fight to stop Brexit, not only to rule out a dangerous no deal, but because the best deal possible is the one we have right now as members of the European Union."

  • Article: Oct 2, 2019

    Image result for jo swinson

    Responding to Boris Johnson's speech to Conservative Party Conference today, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson said:

    "When you strip away the bluff and bluster, this was a speech by a Prime Minister who is determined to crash us out of the EU without a deal.

    "Fanatically repeating 'Get Brexit Done' does not give any comfort to the cancer patient worried about accessing their medication, or the factory worker whose job is on the line. Getting Brexit done puts their lives and their jobs at risk, and that is why Liberal Democrats are working hard to stop it.

    "The Liberal Democrats are determined to stop Brexit, because the best deal possible is the one we have right now as members of the European Union."

  • Article: Oct 1, 2019
    By Layla Moran, MP in
    Horrifying new stats show we need to scrap the Vagrancy Act and protect the most vulnerable.
    Layla Moran speaking at a rally in Oxford.

    This morning, the Office for National Statistics published a shocking set of figures. They show that 726 homeless people died in 2018 - a 22% increase since 2017.

    This is an epidemic that is claiming far too many lives, and the Conservative Government is completely failing to get to grips with it.

    We must protect the most vulnerable people in our society, but instead the Tories are sitting on their hands.

    Their "out of sight, out of mind" mentality needs to stop now. People are dying, and we need to take a more compassionate approach to end this homelessness crisis.

    The Liberal Democrats demand better.

    We need to scrap the Vagrancy Act. It's a cruel, Dickensian law that criminalises people just for sleeping rough.

    That's why I have brought forward a Private Members' Bill that would repeal it.

    The Government should be helping vulnerable people out of homelessness, not fining them and locking them up.

    The Liberal Democrats will build the social housing and provide the support people need. That's how we can prevent rough sleeping and stop people dying on our streets.

    Being homeless is not a crime.

    Agree? Click here to add your name and join the campaign today.

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