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May 20, 2022 10:51 AM

2022 May 6 councillors ()We are delighted that our Council Group Leader, Carole Mulroney, has been appointed as Deputy Leader of Southend-on-Sea City Council, maintaining her responsibility for Environment (inc Planning), Culture & Tourism.

Once again, we have formed a Joint Administration (the Southend City Partnership) with Labour and the Independents and, after our successes in the recent local elections, we have a much stronger majority in the Council and can now see our way to moving forward taking the City to a brighter future.

The electorate has spoken and it is clear that the collaborative approach is welcomed.

The City Council Cabinet will also include Cllr Paul Collins for Eastwood Park who has a pivotal role on asset management and major projects/procurement. Cllr Ashley Thompson retains his role as chair of Licensing and Beth Hooper as Vice Chair of the all important Standards Committee.

All of the team, which includes the hugely experienced Peter Wexham and newly elected Rob McMullan, are eager to work with our partners across the City and beyond.

Congratulations to our compatriots in Colchester on their new City Status.